Green Mill Project

To mitigate risk of dependence on import of raw material, MILL Group has established a policy of expansion to raw material producing sector.  It has initiated the Green MILL Project with an objective of generating billet of general use grade and special quality grade on its own.  Under the Green MILL Project, electric arc furnace (EAF) and other associated machinery and equipment are produced using the most advanced technology from Italy.  The project has received financial support from the Board of Investment (BOI) in the amount of over Baht 5 billion. 

The strength of EAF steelmaking is the ability to melt steel scrap to produce billet which is a major raw material in the production process of various types of steel products using electric arc technology (FASRARCTM) and Vacuum Degassing Technology (VD) which will help save energy and reduce pollution.  Most importantly, steel produced by EAF will have better quality texture with high purity and smooth surface compared with steel produced by other technologies in general.  It attracts high demand from linkage industries which require high grade steel such as automobile industry.  Besides, a fume treatment plant using the latest technology is also installed to treat emissions from the production process.  This will help ensure that the air after treatment will be of higher quality than the international standard.

Green MILL is part of the MILL Group’s efforts to push for steel manufacturers’ awareness of conservation of natural resources and the environment.  Besides environmental protection merits, the project is an ideal alternative for control of production cost, which will subsequently increase profitability and develop production potentiality in the long run.  The project is also a good start of evolution toward green industry in the future.